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Which is better, capsule coffee or hanging ear coffee?

Coffee is already one of the three major beverages in the world. It is precisely because different combinations can give it a variety of tastes that coffee has many followers. This can be witnessed from the many coffee shops in the city. And drinking coffee has a certain preventive effect on gallstones while refreshing the mind.

Since coffee has so many benefits, some friends have to ask, what is the difference between the most common capsule coffee and ear-mounted coffee on the market, and which one is better?

【capsule coffee】

nespresso coffee capsules , as the name suggests, is to put coffee powder in a container similar to a capsule. When brewing coffee, the needle of the coffee machine will pierce the coffee capsule, and then inject hot water with high pressure, through the coffee powder and the oil in the coffee powder. Extract coffee essence. You will end up with a cup of fragrant coffee.

Compared with ordinary instant coffee, this kind of coffee is pure coffee extracted from coffee powder, not emulsified creamer coffee by other means, so the capsule coffee will be more mellow in taste and the coffee taste will be stronger. . And the coffee made by capsule coffee will have a thicker taste, because it rejects oxidation and other problems from the time of production, and preserves the freshness of the coffee beans, making the coffee foam richer and smoother in taste.

【Advantages of Capsule Coffee】

1. starbucks capsules coffee is very simple to operate, and it is very suitable for lazy and novice coffee people. It can make a cup of fragrant pure coffee in the shortest time.

2. capsule cup with coffee does not require special cleaning steps, just throw away the shell. And capsule coffee is more environmentally friendly~

3. nitrogen capsule coffee can better preserve the freshness of coffee, prevent the oxidation of coffee powder, and does not contain creamer and other additives, which can also make the quality of coffee more stable.

And general capsule coffee does not contain trans fatty acids, which can also make your coffee healthier~

nespresso capsule coffee gift box


1. This capsule coffee is professionally customized for you who like a variety of coffee flavors. A total of 17 flavors allow you to have different experiences. Trying different capsule coffees is the gospel of choosing difficult diseases~

2. coffee capsules with coffee has been strictly controlled. The powder is very fine and can brew coffee with a more fragrant taste. The high-pressure sealed capsule aluminum coffee can better preserve the freshness and aroma of the coffee powder.

3. The operation of capsule coffee is very simple, which can avoid those complicated coffee making process. Let you drink more fragrant coffee quickly, and the shell of the capsule coffee is made of recyclable materials, which is more environmentally friendly.

Raw and Ripe Coffee Beans: Cooked Coffee Beans

Does it contain sugar: no sugar

Recommended index: ★★★★

Although I have dolcegusto capsules coffee, what should I do if I want to drink a cup of fragrant coffee while traveling?

This requires a portable coffee machine to play! The portable coffee machine allows you to enjoy coffee anytime, anywhere, whether you are traveling or outing with your family, you can drink it anytime, anywhere.

The portable coffee machine has the attributes of being easy to carry, simple to operate and very clean and hygienic, and its appearance is also very high. Portable coffee machines are suitable for coffee lovers, because the taste of the brewed coffee can be compared to the taste of coffee brewed by a capsule coffee machine, and the process of grinding coffee is also very fast.

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