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Candied fruit packing machine, not general bag packing machine

In the present packing machine industry, the last few years our country preserves fruit packing machine industry is especially popular, why is this? Because this machine is very labor saving ah, a machine just use a year to save the labor cost is enough to save the cost of the machine.

Like M-shaped bag to bag packaging machine, this machine can do automatic packaging, instead of manual packaging, to solve the problem of slow efficiency of manual packaging, unstable production and so on, can package bulk materials and particles, such as pistachios, like solid particles, such as various nut preserves, can also package dried bean curd, fish, etc.

For some large and medium-sized enterprises to achieve perfect packaging automation, as long as a staff one time hundreds of bags in the dry fruit packing machine food equipment to take the bag department, the equipment mechanical claw will automatically take the bag, print the date, open the bag, to the measuring device signal metering and blanking, sealing, output.

The advantages of dried fruits packing machine are: the machine can replace the traditional manual packaging, realize the automation of product packaging production, significantly improve production efficiency, greatly reduce the cost of products, the whole set of equipment can be completed by a person alone, greatly reduce labor costs.

And each machine is equipped with a standard automatic monitoring system device, which can detect whether the air pressure, temperature control instrument is faulty, whether the bag mouth is opened, so as to judge the state of the machine; It can also control whether the coding device, filling device and heat sealing device operate, so as to avoid waste of packaging materials and raw materials.

Can meet a variety of functions and can be used with other various equipment.

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