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Solutions to common problems of liquid filling machines

Liquid filling machine summed up some common problems and solutions: 

1, liquid filling machine can not start: 

(1) turn on the power switch unresponsive, turn off the power, check the fuse.

 (2) release the Emergency Stop Button. 

(3) check whether the switching power supply has DC24V power output.

 (4) check the touch screen and PLC communication line is loose. 

2, the liquid filling machine does not cut the problem:

 (1) whether the feed nozzle is closed, check the circuit.

 (2) check whether the air pressure is normal, whether the injection cylinder and cylinder leak. 

(3) the material reaches a low limit and is not sufficient for filling the corresponding container. 

3. The filling dose of the liquid filling machine is not accurate:

 (1) check the feeding system of the equipment. 

(2) clean the pipe and check if there are any sundries in the material.

 (3) replacing the pneumatic valve seal ring of the equipment, air leakage of the air pipe, and replacing the pneumatic valve. 

(4) cleaning solenoid valve and replacing solenoid valve. 

(5) adjust the ball valve to reduce the impact force and increase the diving depth. 

(6) adjust the magnetic switch of the injection cylinder.

 4, liquid filling machine leakage:

 (1) tighten the feeding nozzle, replace the feeding nozzle gasket. 

 (2) replace the discharge pipe.

 (3) cleaning pneumatic valve and replacing pneumatic valve gasket. 

(4) replacing the sealing ring of the injection cylinder. 

Equipment maintenance needs to pay attention to there are many, most of the filling machine now using stainless steel, some of the structural material requirements are higher, please do not use sharp, hard sharp tool scrape its surface. Mechanical equipment manufacturers in the product before the operation will have debugging, so the equipment has been well lubricated in the factory, do not need to re-join, in use after a period of time can be joined.

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