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Liquid high speed packaging machine

I believe that many food or skin care manufacturers will need to pack liquid or paste. When the gram weight of your packaging is relatively small, why must you buy milk packaging machine liquid packing? As the manufacturer's champion machinery for you to analyze the mystery, why can you buy liquid high-speed packaging machine rather than buy ordinary liquid packaging machine.

When you want to liquid packaging machine, the purpose is most of the packaging needs, efficiency needs, need to save labor and cost, what kind of liquid packaging machine, and can meet the needs of liquid quantitative bag, and can meet the need to save workers to improve packaging efficiency? Then the answer must be liquid high speed packaging machine.

Ordinary liquid packaging machine can only pack 25-35 bags per minute, while the new liquid high-speed packaging machine launched by JOYGOAL Machinery can pack 60-150 bags per minute. According to different materials, different grams of packaging weight, the speed will be different, but under the same packaging needs, the liquid high-speed packaging machine will be twice higher than the ordinary liquid packaging machine, which can be described as one machine is better than three machines.

The liquid high speed packaging machine of JOYGOAL  Machinery adopts pure electric structure, which can be used with electricity. The operation is simple, and the packaging process is fully automatic, which can automatically complete all the work of measuring, bag-making, filling, sealing, cutting, counting and batch number. It is easy for one person to manage several high speed machines simultaneously. It can also directly pump materials from the material storage, avoiding the trouble of frequent material dumping. With the touch screen, 90% of the packaging operation can be controlled by the touch screen. For example, the weight can be adjusted quickly by increasing the number of motor rotation cycles of the material saving function on the touch screen, which effectively saves labor and truly achieves packaging automation.

The structure of the liquid high speed packaging machine is simple, and the packaging action can be controlled separately, the failure rate is low, the immediate failure can be easily solved, which indirectly saves the subsequent use cost of the packaging machine, and can provide the packaging needs for users stably.

Whether it is food factory or skin care company, usually packaging materials are all kinds of, liquid high-speed packaging machine has a wide range of application, whether it is skin care cosmetics water, milk, cream, cream, or food honey, ketchup, vinegar, soy sauce, can be packed, equipped with high-speed motor drive, noise is relatively small, You don't have to worry about noise when you have multiple devices running together.

automatic liquid packaging machine compared with ordinary liquid packaging machine price is higher, but a speed top three, covers an area of less, convenient management, convenient use, convenient operation, whether short-term rush, or long-term maintenance, is the liquid high speed packaging machine is dominant, in this case, can not buy liquid high speed packaging machine do not buy ordinary liquid packaging machine?

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