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tablet capsule aluminum plastic bubble cap sealing machine

Laboratory small desktop tablet capsule aluminum plastic bubble cup sealer sealing machine

BH-1 sealer
Product introduction:

BH-1 cup lid sealing machine is an aluminum-plastic blister/aluminum-aluminum blister sealing equipment developed for prefabricated PVC/PET blister and prefabricated sealing materials.

This machine has compact structure, simple operation, convenient maintenance and compact design.

Applicable place:

Supporting store site packaging, small laboratory research and development, school teaching.

Product features:

1, simple operation, simple operation panel;

2, easy to use, cylinder seal, no manual pressing;

3, the use of high quality electric heating rod, long service life;

4, adopt intelligent temperature controller, accurate temperature control;

5, the pressure is sufficient, the finished product is well sealed, prolong the storage time of capsules or tablets in it;

6, small size, easy to move. Stainless steel, aluminum alloy material and light handle, easy to move;

7. Protective cover to prevent injury during operation;

8. Simple mold replacement, no need to remove parts.

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