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I drank hundreds of freeze-dried coffee and shared common freeze-dried coffee capsules

Compared with the situation when I only saw Nescafe instant coffee as a child, there are many kinds of coffee in the domestic coffee market. Apart from hand-brewed coffee, ground coffee, etc., which require a lot of time and knowledge, there are also capsule coffee, frozen coffee, etc. on the market. Choose from dry coffee, hanging ear coffee, coffee concentrate, etc. You can choose to brew a better cup of coffee no matter when and where.

Although I am not a professional coffee player, but the Delonghi coffee machine at work, the capsule machine at home, and various bags of brewing and freeze-drying, drinking coffee has become one of the things I must do every morning when I get up, and I am happy to try the market. The different products from , the capsules that I have been drinking for several years, have recently been converted to sachets and freeze-dried capsules, and the cost performance is also good.

This three-in-one instant coffee with non-dairy creamer, which everyone has seen since childhood, is the first batch of coffee to enter the Chinese market. Of course, due to the taste of coffee and the health problems of non-dairy creamer, this kind of coffee gradually It has become the bottom link of the coffee contempt chain.

Let’s talk about freeze-dried coffee. It uses low-temperature quick-freezing technology to sublimate the water in coffee and only retain coffee solids. Compared with traditional coffee powder, freeze-dried coffee can retain more coffee. Fragrance and nutrients, of course, the price is also more expensive because the production process is more difficult. The common freeze-dried coffee is UCC in small bottles, and the coffee particles are larger than the previous espresso powder.

The latest ration coffee

In addition to bottled freeze-dried coffee, there are also many manufacturers that have launched freeze-dried coffee capsules with more beautiful packaging and easier to carry, imitating the shape of capsule coffee, but different from the trouble that capsule coffee must be used with a capsule coffee machine, only You need to tear off its aluminum foil package to brew a cup of authentic coffee with a fragrant smell. This is also the protagonist we are going to discuss today.

The more common brands of such products on the market include Sumida River, Sandonban, Ivory Five, etc. They also remind me of the new car-making forces in China. They occupy a large part of the market with their own packaging, innovative concepts and other characteristics. market.

Let’s talk about three and a half first. This brand is very interesting. Like its coffee products, you may have never seen it in mainstream media, but on Internet platforms like ZDM, certainhu and certainbook, It is a hot new coffee brand, which shows that its positioning is aimed at these young people who like new things. The sales volume is amazing, and it even surpasses the strength of established coffee manufacturers such as Nestle and Maxwell.

Sandunban has been focusing on this cold-brewed super instant coffee since its launch. All of them use Arabica beans. "Super-brewed" better retains the taste and details of coffee. Yes, it is distinguished by capsules of different labels and colors. From 1 to 7, the roasting degree is deeper and deeper, the coffee with small numbers is more fruity and has higher acidity, and the coffee with large numbers has more fruity and woody flavors. Smoky flavor, this distinction makes it easy for consumers to understand their favorite flavors. Currently, Sandunban also has Yunnan series, follicle series and coffee bean series and other products. And its empty cans are recyclable and can be exchanged for new coffee or peripheral products.

Three and a half basic series, there are three models

It is difficult to distinguish the three from the appearance of coffee powder, but the taste is still slightly different.

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