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Automatic cup filling machine for condiment

If bubbles are found during the filling process of the automatic cup filling machine, it may be that the sealing temperature is not well controlled. If the temperature is too high, bubbles will be generated during the filling process. Secondly, it may also be related to the quality of packaging materials. Raw materials with poor quality are easy to delaminate, resulting in bubbles during filling. In addition, it may be caused by inaccurate sealing pressure.
filling cup machine for condiment
ZHEJIANG JOYGOAL MACHINE EQUIPMENT CO., LTD pointed out that the plastic cup filling and sealing machine for condiment is a filling mechanical equipment with a high degree of automation. If bubbles appear in the filling process, it will not only make the sauce taste worse and look ugly, but also affect the production efficiency of the enterprise. Therefore, in case of this problem, it is necessary to deal with it in a timely manner. If it is not handled well, it is necessary to contact the original manufacturer for technical support.

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