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Demo introduction of automatic single head paste filling machine

Pneumatic semi-automatic vertical rotary valve filling machine is a kind of filling machine for filling materials with high viscosity, which is a series of pneumatic semi-automatic filling machines developed by our company. It extracts and knocks out flowing materials through the principle that the cylinder drives a piston, and controls the stroke of the cylinder with the air control valve, so as to adjust the filling volume and filling speed.

This equipment has the characteristics of simple and reasonable structure, easy operation and high accuracy. This equipment is mainly applicable to ideal filling equipment for food, daily chemical, pesticide, medicine and special industries. It is not only suitable for filling materials with high viscosity, but also suitable for liquid, paste and soy sauce.
Installation and debugging:
1. Connect the hopper above the rotary valve and lock the connection with hoop.
2. Install the filling head, connect it to the joint on one side of the rotary valve, and lock it with a clamp.
3. The installation workbench is under the filling head and locked with five-star screws.
3. Turn on the air supply and turn on the air switch.
4. Switch the working mode to manual mode, and use the foot switch to control the operation.
5. Adjust the feeding speed and discharging speed, and adjust the appropriate pumping speed and filling speed. In order to improve the working efficiency, the pumping speed can be increased. Slow down the filling speed (if the filling speed is too fast, the materials or bubbles will burst out of the bottle mouth, affecting the filling quality).
6. When adjusting the filling amount, turn the adjusting weight handwheel to directly read the required filling amount.
7. Adjust pressure: pull up the pressure regulating filter button, rotate it to the required pressure indicated by the pressure gauge, and then press the button.
8. Put in materials and start work formally.
9. The worker can switch the working mode to automatic mode (to improve the working efficiency) after being skilled.

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