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Reverse osmosis water treatment unit

There are many kinds of water treatment machinery, which can be classified from different angles. For example, it can be divided into civil water treatment devices and industrial water treatment devices; It can be divided into sewage treatment plant and well (river) water treatment plant; It can be divided into coarse filtration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis; It can be divided into sedimentation device, aeration device, filtering device, dosing device, etc.

This article focuses on the reverse osmosis water treatment appliances, which are also widely used in many water treatment devices and are widely exposed to the public.

0.25T/h two-stage reverse osmosis pure water equipment

Reverse osmosis water treatments plants is a kind of water treatment equipment with reverse osmosis membrane as the key element and reverse osmosis as the main water treatment process. The produced water is of excellent quality and basically free of impurities. It can be used for civil use, such as drinking, industry and other industries, such as pharmaceutical water, food production water, etc. The role of reverse osmosis is to remove ions in water, so reverse osmosis equipment and deionized water equipment are partly coincident in concept.
Reverse osmosis water treatment filters are often used in industries and occasions with high requirements for water quality. Such as electronics, pharmaceutical, food and other industries. For example, the requirements for ion content are extremely low and the requirements for strict control of microbial content are strict

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