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Equipment sealing machine of milk tea shop, what is the sealing machine, and sealing machine equipment of beverage shop

Every morning, Xiaobian goes to the breakfast shop to buy steamed stuffed buns. But he never bought porridge. Why? Because the cup in the breakfast shop is directly covered and never sealed. I'm in a hurry. When I run, it's very fast. The porridge is spilled. It's very unsanitary. Why not seal it? There is no sealing machine in the breakfast shop. To tell the truth, we should add a drink sealing machine.

Sealing machine
What is the sealing machine used for?
Small sealing machine, used in catering industry. It is a device for sealing paper cups and plastic cups. This sealing device can be seen in any beverage store. Large sealing machine is used to seal woven bags, food bags, plastic bags, etc. It can not only be sealed in batches for industrialization, but also be sealed individually for catering.
What is the structure of the sealing machine?
The four major structures of the sealing machine, the frame, the speed reducer, the sealing device, and the electric sealing system.
Frame, the overall structure of the sealing machine. Body of sealing machine, device for installing adhesive film, conveyor belt, sliding plate, etc. These devices can be clearly seen by observing a sealing machine.
Electric heat sealing system is realized by electric heat sealing technology. It uses electric pulse to heat and pressurize for sealing. Electric pulse pressurization: when the sealing film is close to the cup, it is heated by instantaneous (0.3~0.4) low voltage and large current, so that the sealing film that is easy to decompose and deform when heated is fused at the edge of the cup.
Black sealing machine
What is the sealing machine of milk tea shop?
Although there are many kinds of sealing machines in milk tea shops, their functions are similar, and they have general universality. There will be buttons on the upper side or front side of the machine. This is the functional area of the sealing machine, not to mention the power supply. Automatic function refers to automatic sealing. Put the cup in the cup area, and the induction system will automatically take the cup out for sealing. The counting function can record the number of sealing film. Generally, if there is no leakage, one sealing film corresponds to one cup. You can record the use of this information. Leakage prevention and repair function. If the cup is not sealed properly, you can use this function to seal the cup again.
The secondary sealing cup is not to reuse a sealing film, but to heat and pressurize the original sealing film, without wasting the sealing film.
Sealing machine
What is the common fault of the sealing machine in milk tea shop?
No downward pressure of membrane
The cup was clearly put in, but the sealing film was not pressed down. What's going on here? Generally, this is because there is something wrong with the induction system in the sealing machine. This is also the most common problem. Find the electronic sensor probe of the sealing machine, wipe the dust or replace it with a new one.
Sealing machine
If you want to know more kinds of sealing machines, you can consult more information. The sealing machine in milk tea shop is not as complicated as that in industry, so it is convenient to use.

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