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Jujube packaging machine/automatic jujube quantitative packaging machine

Food packaging machine

#Jujube is known as a natural vitamin pill because of its high vitamin content. Jujube is listed as a health food for the middle-aged and elderly, and it also sells well in the market. For the packaging, processing and production of bagged jujube products in the market, the jujube packaging machine brings great convenience to the processing enterprises. It is also a multi-function packaging machines, which uses the Siemens touch screen and the Siemens PLC control system. It can set up multi language, operate simple functions, and set the first-hand control.

The automatic jujube quantitative packaging machines moves the film, and the multi linkage roll film shaft pulls the film, which makes the operation stable; Code printing, date setting, automatic code printing; The molding machine makes bags, and the film rolls through the molding machine to formulate the bag type; The red date packing machine is used for blanking. After the middle sealing is completed, the date is measured for blanking; Sealing, can customize the sealing die with punching effect; The conveyor belt for finished products of automatic jujube quantitative packaging machine can be added to avoid the accumulation of finished products.

Nowadays, the packaging industry is growing and the packaging equipment technology is also improving. Different types of packaging equipment are available. The jujube packaging machine and the automatic jujube quantitative packaging machine are granule packaging machines, vertical granule packaging machines, bag type granule packaging machines and other models to meet the packaging needs of customers with different specifications.

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